Fencing Latice



2355 x 40mm DIAMOND x 300mm High FTS
3120 x 40mm DIAMOND x 300mm High FTS31


2355 x 40mm DIAMOND x 600mm High FTS6
3120 x 40mm DIAMOND x 600mm High FTS316


2355 x HORIZONTAL SLAT x 300mm High HS23
3120 x HORIZONTAL SLAT x 300mm High HS31


To complete the fencing system Metroll offer both a single and double gate. Gates are available in the full colour range.

Assembly Instructions For Metroll Gate System

1. Select flat area to assemble the gate and provide protective surface to work on.

2. Measure the distance between the spigots on the Gate Styles (B) and cut sheet (A) to length allowing 10mm clearance.

3. Measure the overall width of sheet (A) at mid point of length.

4. Cut rails (C) to width of sheet less 10mm.

5. Fit cut rails (C) over spigots on Gate Style (B) and tap fully onto spigot.

6. Slide cut sheet (A) into rails on assembled Gate Style (B) and push firmly against style.

7. Fit remaining Gate Style (B) into rails of assembled Gate Style.

8. Ensuring all members are firmly fitted together, fix 10×25 tek screw through rails into spigots and sheets. Make sure screws go through the centre of the sheet segments. (This assists in bracing the gate). The sheet needs to be firmly supported from underneath when fitting these screws to avoid buckling the sheet

9. Fit plastic caps (F) to Gate Styles.

10. Gate can now be fitted to opening allowing sufficient clearance for hinges and locks.

11. For Lattice Extension cut extra rails as step 4.

12. Fit cut Rail to Lattice Extensions (D).

13. Fit Lattice Extensions

(D) into Gate Styles and push firmly home, fixing to Gate Styles with 10×16 tek screws.

14. Cut Lattice Panel (E) to fit neatly between Lattice Extensions. (Use tin snips not angle grinder.)

15. Fit Lattice Panel into Top Rail and seat home on Bottom Rail. Secure to Bottom Rail with tek Screws and to Top Rail with pop rivets.

16. For Double Sheet Gates follow the same procedure but allow for width of two sheets lapped together (steps 3 & 4).

A. Sheet E. Lattice Panel B. Gate Styles F. Post Caps C. Rails G. Hinges & Screws D. Lattice Extensions

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