Downpipes & Accessories

The Metroll rainwater accessories range includes downpipes, flashings, gutter brackets, straps, stop ends, mitres, corners and angles. Rectangular downpipes are the most popular. Round downpipes and PVC downpipes are also available. Check with your local Metroll branch for availability and lead times.


Never use lead flashings with rainwater items made from COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steels. Avoid drainage from copper roofs onto COLORBOND®, ZINCALUME® or galvanised steel rainwater products.



Localised environmental conditions can impact the corrosive nature of a site which may impact on material choice. Conditions that may impact on material choice include; direction of prevailing winds, rainfall intensity, duration of exposure, temperature, shelter and areas not washed by rainfall. Contact your local Metroll branch if you intend to use any Metroll rainwater goods within 1km of industrial, chemical, marine or corrosive environments.



Rainwater goods must be installed with special consideration given to roof falland overall design of the drainage system. Measure along the roof edges tocalculate how many sections of gutter are required. Add 10% to allow for fitting and wastage. Combine roof measurements with the gutter layout plan to calculate and assess all other required gutter components.



Prior to departing the work site remove all foreign debris, screws, rivets and especially any swarf created by drilling or cutting from the roof surface and/or inside gutters. Failure to do so may result in premature corrosion of the roof and/or gutters.

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