Corri Premium – Mini Corri Federation.

Mini Corodek® is suited to both exterior and interior cladding but is not intended as a principal roofing material. It can be applied straight or curved.


Mini Corodek® has the same traditional shape as Corodek® but has smaller ridges and a reduced ridge height.  The corrugations can be used in a vertical or horizontal direction. The longitudinal corrugations of the product provide substantial strength and rigidity along the length of the sheet while allowing for curving across its width.


Mini Corodek® offers a blend of sophisticated decorator styling with the practicality of COLORBOND® steel. Architects and designers can use Mini Corodek® as a platform for a variety of versatile, modern and artistic applications.  This profile can be applied to ceilings and soffit linings, feature walls, partitions, kitchen cupboards, screens, small awnings and other areas without foot traffic.


  • Wide range of uses
  • COLORBOND® steel colour range
  • Install horizontally or vertically
  • Easy to install
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